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Frequently Asked Questions - Vozzka
Frequent Asked Questions
List of the most frequently asked questions about the website and its operation.
Vozzka is a service that allows you to publish audios to communicate with the world through your voice. In addition your publications can contain images and links to increase the information. Your publications are accessible through your profile, where you can also find other publications that you liked, lists, etc.
Revozz is the term we use to refer to the re-sending of a Vozz to your followers. All publications that "Revozz", will be published in your profile.
To use Vozzka you will need an internet connection and a microphone. Once you complete the registration, you can start to publish your audios and follow other accounts that are interesting for you, among many other things.
No. With our Premium Plans you can make recordings of up to 5 minutes maximum.
When you press the red record button, your browser will ask you to select the microphone you want to use. Once you have selected it, the recording will begin. You can save the preference of allowing the microphone when it asks you to use it, so it will not be asked again when you record again.
Yes. Once you have deleted an audio, it will be completely removed from our servers and can not be recovered in any way.
No. Our recording system does not save anything on our servers until you press the save button or until the recording time limit is reached.
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